Lessons in Multilateral Effectiveness: UNDS Reform

Is this time different? UNDS Reform: The path to 2030

Less than a decade away from realisation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, United Nations Development (UNDS) Reforms, mandated by the General Assembly in 2018, have made considerable progress, but challenges and risks still remain.

The pursuit of a more coherent, cohesive, and needs-driven UNDS, that is better-positioned to support delivery of the 2030 Agenda, has been a demanding undertaking for the UNDS entities, UN Secretariat, and Member States alike. Momentum on the progress achieved thus far needs to continue to ensure the targets are met, while mitigating the countervailing forces that risk derailing reform progress.

Progress, challenges and opportunities for UNDS Reform

The MOPAN study, Is this time different? Progress, challenges and opportunities, part of the series, “Lessons in Multilateral Effectiveness”, is a valuable tool for Members States, UNDS entities and stakeholders. It comes at a critical time in which the UNDS and its stakeholders have the opportunity to capitalise on momentum for change spurred on by the COVID-19 crisis, and to cement and embed the reforms throughout the system. In order to successfully implement the reforms and reorient UNDS ahead of 2030, Member States need to focus on meeting their end of the Funding Compact, enacting ownership across all levels—field, governing body, and HQ. UNDS entities need to keep pushing for greater alignment and on efficiency gains, and use the COVID-19 crisis as a transformation catalyst to strengthen the relationship between all UNDS and development actors. All UNDS entities need to undertake a systematic approach to change management that focuses on the human element of reform.

Read the MOPAN digital brief on UNDS Reform.

List of MOPAN events on UNDS Reform

12 May 2021: 1st Draft of report released to UN Stakeholders
16 June 2021: e-Launch of Lessons in Multilateral Effectiveness: Is this time different? UNDS Reform: Progress, challenges and opportunities
23 June 2021: Launch for Permanent Representatives of Member States to the United Nations, NY & capitals
Autumn 2021 (TBC): Multi-level stakeholder event