MOPAN at a Glance

The Network

MOPAN Governance and Funding

Representatives from all member countries come together a few times per year in the meetings of MOPAN's Steering Committee – the Network’s primary decision-making body. The Network’s Chair is elected for a period of a calendar year from among the members. The Chair is supported by a Bureau, composed of the outgoing, current and incoming Chairs of the Steering Committee, along with the Chairs of MOPAN's Working Groups (e.g. the Technical Working Group).

Each Network member pays an annual equal voluntary contribution to support the costs related to both the delivery of the assessments and other MOPAN products and its Secretariat. MOPAN's annual finances can be accessed in the Annual Reports. 

The MOPAN Secretariat is hosted by the OECD’s Development Co-operation Directorate in Paris since 2013, through a Memorandum of Understanding on the Hosting Arrangement. 

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