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The EU joins MOPAN as official observer

22/10/2021 -The European Union (EU) has formally become a MOPAN Observer, joining the Network for a period of twelve months. The EU has a history of close engagement with the Network, and the formalisation of the relationship will enrich MOPAN’s discussions and approaches with new ideas and viewpoints. It will also considerably strengthen MOPAN’s collective voice. The Network now includes 21 members and observers, and represents 90.4% of total contributions to the multilateral system by official providers. MOPAN’s Chair, Tara Denham, Director General, Evaluation and Results, Global Affairs Canada, welcomed the EU’s request and noted the excellent alignment between MOPAN’s activities and the EU’s efforts to support the 2030 Agenda through a robust, rules-based multilateral system that can overcome today’s challenges in order to build a better future. Suzanne Steensen, Head of MOPAN Secretariat, also welcomed the news saying, “In this period of unprecedented challenges, MOPAN remains committed to promoting effectiveness in the multilateral system, and our partnership with the EU helps us deliver this goal". For further information on MOPAN’s engagement with the EU, please contact