MOPAN in UNDS Roundtable at Multilateral Finance Development week

29/11/22, Geneva - Ms Suzanne Steensen, MOPAN's Head of Secretariat, participated in the Roundtable, "Financing the UN Development System: Embracing Change", at the Multilateral Development Finance Week [virtual] event. The event addressed pressing quesstions affecting multilateral effectiveness--What does the current UN funding situation look like? What kind of consequences does it carry for the UN’s work and for multilateralism? Why are bilateral contributions so heavily earmarked to the UNDS and what are the incentives to support more flexible funding? 

Ms. Steensen discussed the constraints and funding challenges within the multilateral system, its implications for the UN's work and rebuilding trust between the UN system and MOPAN members. Watch the Roundtable.


MOPAN 20th Anniversary Event: Multilateralism at a Crossroads

Since 2002, MOPAN has been at the forefront of pushing effectiveness in the multilateral system, yet today, the multilateral system is at a crossroads, facing unprecedented demand and a growing number of crises. How can organisations be agile and fit-for-purpose to meet evolving demands? How can multilateral stakeholders work together to deliver on shared goals and values?

Today, recent progress by the multilateral system in delivering in these areas is threatened by a dramatic increase in the scale and complexity of global challenges. These challenges, which include cascading crises with global impact, growing political fault lines, a stretched Official Development Assistance (ODA) environment, as well as ongoing pressures to deliver on the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals and the climate agenda, threaten to undermine the future of multilateralism.

The effectiveness of the multilateral system is at the heart of this endeavour.

MOPAN 20th Anniversary Event:

MULTILATERALISM AT A CROSSROADS: Rising to the challenges of today and tomorrow

12 December; 10:00 - 11:30 

Hilton Geneva Hotel and Conference Centre

High-Level Event Recording

MOPAN’s 20th Anniversary High-Level Event will convene executive-level officials from MOPAN members and development partners, along with multilateral organisation leaders to reflect on the future of the multilateral system. Participants will consider the key emerging challenges and their implications with the aim of building a common understanding on potential responses to maximise multilateral effectiveness to deliver the 2030 Agenda, including MOPAN’s role in supporting these efforts.


Since our founding over 20 years ago, MOPAN has used its unique position to strengthen the multilateral system’s contributions to achieving greater development and humanitarian results – primarily through promoting accountability; learning and shaping multilateral performance standards.

- Suzanne Steensen,

Head of MOPAN Secretariat 


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