Aotearoa New Zealand joins MOPAN as an observer

29/08/2023 – Wellington – Aotearoa New Zealand has formally become a MOPAN observer, joining the Network for a period of twelve months, effective 1 July 2023.

MOPAN’s Chair, Laura Aghilarre, welcomed Aotearoa New Zealand to the Network, noting the excellent alignment between MOPAN’s activities and Aotearoa New Zealand’s efforts to promote a more effective multilateral system which delivers on development outcomes and the sustainable development goals.

Following a visit in Wellington this week with the MOPAN Secretariat, New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Deputy Secretary of Pacific and Development Group, Bernadette Cavanagh, confirmed that Aotearoa New Zealand is looking forward to engaging with the Network over the coming year under this new partnership.

Aotearoa New Zealand achieves global reach through engagement and support for the multilateral system, humanitarian assistance, and regional programmes, aligning to MOPAN’s commitment to improving the multilateral system.

In 2021, Aotearoa New Zealand provided USD 223.4 million of gross official development assistance (ODA) to the multilateral system, of which 15.5 percent of total ODA was allocated as core contributions to multilateral organisations.

With the addition of Aotearoa New Zealand, and the MOPAN Network expands to include 22 members and observers, representing 90.4 percent of total contributions to the multilateral system by official providers.

For further information on MOPAN’s engagement with Aotearoa New Zealand, please contact