MOPAN Assessment Library

MOPAN assessments provide a snapshot of an organisation's performance by taking into account the organisation's history, mission, context, trajectory and journey. Assessments cover four areas of organisational effectiveness: strategic management, operational management, relationship management and performance management, and results.

Organisations' structures, systems, approaches and processes are assessed and rated against MOPAN Indicator Framework to provide multidimensional insights on organisations' performance. Assessments draw on three types of evidence: documentary review, interviews with staff and a partner survey. The assessment process includes steps to ensure that the management of the multilateral organisations are consulted throughout the assessment. MOPAN assessment packages comprise an institutional assessment report, a brief (or summary of findings), and a management response. MOPAN assessments reflect fundamental differences in the nature, operating environment and history of each multilateral organisation.

The Network’s assessments identify strengths and areas for improvement in the multilateral organisations. Findings are used for discussions with the organisations and with their partners, and as ways to further build the organisations’ capacity to be effective. Network members also use assessment findings as a source of input for strategic decision-making about their ways of engaging with the organisations, and as an information source when undertaking individual reviews.