MOPAN 3.0 Methodology Digest & Manual


MOPAN 3.0 is a new operational and methodological iteration of how the Network will assess organisations. It builds upon the former Common Approach, implemented by the Network from 2009 through 2014. This digest offers a summary of the design and function of MOPAN 3.0. It draws on a more comprehensive Methodology Manual which is also available. Annex A contains the list of multilateral organisations assessed during the 2015-16 cycle and countries where information is collected. 

Framing questions

  • Relevance: Do multilateral organisations have sufficient understanding of the needs and demands they face in the present, and may face in the future?  In essence, are we doing the right thing?
  • Efficiency: Are the organisations using their assets and comparative advantages to maximum effect in the present and are the prepared for the future? Are we doing it the it the right way?
  • Effectiveness: are their systems, planning and operations fit for purpose? Are they geared in terms of operations to deliver on their mandate? Is form aligned to function?
  • Impact/Sustainability: Are the organisations delivering and demonstrating relevant and sustainable results in a cost-effective way? How do we know?


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